All you can eat
Brazilian BBQ and original
Homade cuisine
"By Brazil loves supporting the arts and the community, so you will always see artwork from local artists on its walls. If you are an artist or know anyone that would like to show their work, please feel free to contact us"
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Brazilian Barbecue Los Angeles

Experiencing the Finest in Brazilian Barbecue It's unbelievable that so few have ever experienced a flavorful barbecue like Brazilian barbecue. Los Angeles is home to one of the finest Brazilian barbecue joints known as By Brazil. This Brazilian joint serves up genuine homemade Brazilian barbecue; no imitations here! There is more homemade cuisine to try other than the barbecue, so be prepared to experience true Brazilian flavor at its best. Go Brazilian for the First Time! Have you ever tried Brazilian cuisine? When you haven't experience this cuisine, there is a first time for everything, and By Brazil is a great place to experience Brazilian flavor for the first time. Since 1991, By Brazil has been cooking up the best in barbecue, cocktails, and many other Brazilian dishes.

Those who want the authentic experience should come to By Brazil where the staff speaks the language, but speaks English as well to make all guests feel right at home. Those who wish can try a traditional Brazilian meal of Churrasco, or they can dine on the Brazilian barbecue. Los Angeles has some of the finest experiences in dining and By Brazil has made it to the list. The Churrasco is a great buffet with a variety of dishes so that the guests can try a little bit of everything. Guests can even experience the various barbecued meats being carved tableside if they wish. This is what service with a smile is all about! You can enjoy an all you can eat dinner when you choose the buffet at By Brazil, so be prepared to get full right away! Why Locals Love By Brazil!

Those who have been to By Brazil love it not only for the food, but the locals love it because it supports the community and many of the local programs from local artists and their events. This means a lot to those who live and work in Los Angeles, and what makes this restaurant such a hit. This combination of great cuisine and great community support make By Brazil stand out above the rest, and why it has become a household name since 1991. Local artists are more than welcome to showcase their art on the walls of the dining room, and are fully expected to ask if they aren't showing any of their work at this time. Don't be shy! Be sure to ask the staff of By Brazil how you can put your paintings, drawings, and other mediums on the wall for all to see!

Check out the menu for all the dishes that you can find at By Brazil, and what other offerings are available outside of our Brazilian barbecue. Los Angeles residents have come to love By Brazil for its lunch specials as well as all it has to offer on the buffet. By Brazil offers catering services too! In conclusion, for those who love barbecue, you must try the Brazilian barbecue at By Brazil. The cuisine is tasty, the atmosphere lovely, and something that you will come back to over and over.